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Actually I had something to say all along. (Thanks to those who had

faith.) Who’s up for a love letter to our nation’s capital?

We’re here for four days for the AIPAC policy conference, drumming up

(and more often, thankfully, just reinforcing) Congressional support

for Israel. Speakers include Condi, Hillary, Harry, Ariel, Howard,

and a good number of other people who require last names. (Am

apparently to remain fiercely non-partisan when I speak on AIPAC’s

behalf to our representatives. Must practice. “Yes, Senator Reid.

Thank you for your vote on that foriegn aid bill. Yes, sir. Thank

you, sir. Oh, and on that judge thingy, why don’t you go take a

flying– er… I mean… Yes, Senator.” Hmm. Getting better.)

We were warned of horrible rainy weather and landed just after the

downpour ended yesterday. This morning is brilliant, a cloudless sky

and warm spring temps. The effect is, dare I say it, Los

Angeles-quality. (By the way, on the trip in from the airport, I

noticed the traffic is also Los Angeles-quality.)

I have not been here since a quick one-night stop 15 years ago, and

before that it was my high school senior class trip, where, I continue

to assert to Vice-Principal Solt, no beer was consumed. On the cab

ride in yesterday, I realized what a stroke of genius it was to design

a city around the function of Nation’s Capital, rather than jamming

government buildings into an already existing cityscape. The feeling

of imposing power is palpable. One imagines an emissary from a

foreign nation arriving here and going, “I was going to declare war on

you people, but jeez, look at this place.”

Our hotel is in Georgetown, which is an impossibly charming

neighborhood, even if it sports a Johnny Rockets. Rather than making

dinner plans last night, my wife and I just hit M Street, shopped, and

finally wandered into Nathan’s, the kind of pub/chophouse that simply

doesn’t anywhere exist in Los Angeles. Actually, nothing like

Georgetown exists there, or really even comes close. And that is a

damn shame.

Anyway, nice job, L’Enfant. I dig it. And if you don’t hear much of

me in The Corner for a few days, this is why. If you’re a Cornerite

at the AIPAC thing, say hi.

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