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The Son-in-Law Also Rises (and Falls)

Yesterday, I saw a picture of Jared Kushner, sitting with King Abdullah of Jordan. He looked so young, Kushner did (lucky guy). I looked up his age: 36. When Mussolini made his son-in-law foreign minister, he, the son-in-law, was 33. (His name was Galeazzo Ciano, as you recall. He had married the dictator’s eldest child, Edda.)

Today and tomorrow, I take a little tour of sons-in-law. Part I is here. It begins with presidential sons-in-law — sons-in-law in America. And it proceeds with sons-in-law in dictatorships. Which stories are more “exciting”? You can guess.

As colorful as the Trump White House may get, it will never get close to, say, the court of the Duvaliers in Haiti, thank heaven. Anyway, see what you think.

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