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Song of the National Park Service

Further to Kate’s post below, I’ve never had much use for that old Commie Woody Guthrie, and I’ve always resisted suggestions that his ghastly jingle be upgraded to official status. But, after the sheer vindictive pettiness of the last week, it’s certainly a fine anthem for the National Park Service Rangers:

This land is our land, it sure ain’t your land

From downtown DC to the Lake Mead shoreland

From the Arctic Refuge to the Gulf Stream waters

This land is closed to you and yours

So don’t go cruisin’ that endless Skyline

And quit your fishin’, put down that fly line

Don’t pay respects to your country’s war heroes

Their land is closed to you and yours

Don’t even look at that view of Rushmore

Don’t volunteer now, you need to hush more

Don’t even think of parking near George Washington’s 

This land is closed to you and yours

This land is our land, it sure ain’t your land

From Cuyahoga to the old Claude Moore land

From the Blue Ridge Mountains to the yellow police tape

Red lines are made for you, not Assad.

I’ll be speaking at that great bastion of liberty, the Ashbrook Center in Ohio, on Thursday evening, and promise to sing it live, possibly in a Park Service uniform. That’s probably illegal, but these days what isn’t? 

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