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The songs keep a’comin’

The Pretender

Jackson Browne

…I want to know what became of the changesWe waited for love to bringWere they only the fitful dreamsOf some greater awakening…Are you there? Say a prayer for the pretenderWho started out so young and strongOnly to surrender

Don McLean (of “American Pie” fame — the song, not the movie) had a lesser-known song called “Everybody Loves Me, Baby“, whose chorus begins “Everybody loves me, baby/What’s the matter with you?”  As a regular Corner reader, I think it’s a perfect Obama song.


How about this 1979 star turn from the immortal David Naughton?……..

Makin’ itOoh-ooh-oohMakin’ it

I’m solid goldI’ve got the goodsThey stand when I walkThrough the neighborhoods

I’m makin’ itI’ve got the chanceI’m takin’ itNo more, no moreFakin’ itThis time in lifeI’m makin’ it (oh-oh-oh)Makin’ it

Hello uptownGoodbye povertyThe top of the ladder is waiting for meI’m makin’ itI’ve got the chanceI’m takin’ itNo more, no moreFakin’ itThis time in lifeI’m makin’ it (oh-oh-oh)

Listen everyone hereThis coming year’s gonna be my yearI’m as bad as they comeNumber two to no oneI’ve got looks, I’ve got brainsAnd I’m breakin’ these chainsMake some room now dig what you seeSuccess is mineI’ve got the keyI’m makin’ it


I nominate Talking Heads’ “The Big Country,” in which David Byrne literally looks down on “fly-over” country:

“I wouldn’t live there

If you paid me

I couldn’t do the things

The way those people do

I wouldn’t live there

If you paid me to…

“I’m tired of looking

Out the window of the airplane

I’m tired of traveling

I want to be somewhere

And it’s not even worth talking

About those people down there…”

I think it nicely capture’s O’s views on the benighted souls who cling to their guns and religion.


Dear Ms. Parker,

Great post in the Corner.

While I share your enthusiasm for that wonderful song “Once in a Lifetime,”  from _Stop the World, I Want to Get Off_, let us not forget that Mr Littlechap, who sings the song in the play, was a crooked politician!  More suited to Obama would be candidate Littlechap’s campaign speeches, from the musical number “Mumbo Jumbo”:

Girl: Fellow citizens, our speaker for tonight is the Opportunist candidate for thisconstituency, Mr. Littlechap. 

Littlechap sings: 

Mumbo Jumbo, rhubarb rhubarbTickety bubarb yak yak yakMumbo jum red white and bluebarb,Poor Brittania’s on her back.

Mumbo Jumbo, rhubarb rhubarbNothing newbarb cha cha cha.Mumbo Jumbo Castro’s Cubarb.I think someone’s gone too far!

Mumbo Jumbo, rhubarb rhubarbVoulez-vousbarb avec moi?Mumbo Jumbo entrez-nousbarbBridget Bardot ooh la la!

Girl: Ladies of the Book of the Month Guild, it is my pleasure to introduce the Opportunistcandidate for this constituency, Mr. Littlechap! 

Mumbo Jumbo, rhubarb rhubarbHas Red China got the bomb?Velly soon now if it’s truebarbWe’ll be blown to kingdom come.

Chorus: You’ve got a bomb, We’ve got a bomb, All God’s children got bombs. 

Mumbo Jumbo, rhubarb rhubarbGive the Democrats more cash.Helps the nation, stops inflation.How’s your father? Wall Street crash.

Chorus: We wanna be rich with money to burn. 

Mumbo Jumbo, rhubarb rhubarbProstitubarb off the streets.We will fight them on the beachesBut we’ll lose between the sheets.

Girl: Fellow members of the Motor Scooter Association, I’d like you to meet the Opportunistcandidate, Mr. Littlechap. 

Mumbo Jumbo, rhubarb rhubarbCommon Market can’t go wrong.Washday Mondays? Send your undiesChinese laundry in Hong Kong.

Mumbo Jumbo, rhubarb rhubarbGive the Africans their rights.Colored people are free toobarbThough not quite as free as whites!

Mumbo Jumbo, rhubarb rhubarbUp your flubarb, Liberty Hall.And, dear friends, if I’m elected,I’m all right, Jack–screw you all!

Littlechap wins the election by a landslide.


I was listening to this on the drive home tonight and thought how nicely it described Obama, and then I saw your Corner posts!

New World Man by Rush

Hes not concerned with yesterdayHe knows constant change is here todayHes noble enough to know whats rightBut weak enough not to choose itHes wise enough to win the worldBut fool enough to lose it —

Hes a new world man…


How about Tenacious D’s Wonderboy.  As an added bonus, it works on two levels if Hillary’s his running mate.



Maybe I’m a bit more pessimistic than most, but everytime I hear Handlebars by the Flobots, I cannot help but to think of Obama


I have always thought that Queen’s theme from Flash Gordon would make a great Obama campaign song.  Flash – a-ah – saviour of the universe

Flash – a-ah – he’ll save everyone of us

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Flash – a-ah – he’s a miracle

Flash – a-ah – king of the impossible

He’s for everyone of us

Stand for everyone of us

He’ll save with a mighty hand

Every man every woman

Every child – with a mighty flash

Flash – a-ah

Flash – a-ah – he’ll save everyone of us

Just a man

With a man’s courage

He knows nothing but a man

But he can never fail

No one but the pure in heart

May find the golden grail

Oh oh – oh oh



Kathleen, How about Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain”? Only lyric needed is “You probably think this song is about you.”

Kathleen,Here’s an obvious song for Obama: a modern European rendition of“Obama Christ Superstar.” VOICE OF OBAMA CHRIST SUPERSTAR

Every time I look at those Americans, I don’t understand 

Why they let the things you did get so out of hand. 

They’d have managed better if they’d had it planned. 

Why’d they choose to be such a backward and such an unenlightened land? 

Until today I had no pride in them as a nation

But America in 2008 owes me great adulation.

Don’t you get me wrong. 

I only want you to know… 


Obama Christ, Obama Christ, 

Look at you, how much you’ve sacrificed!

Obama Christ Superstar, 

We believe you’re just what your press releases say you are! 

VOICE OF OBAMA CHRIST SUPERSTARTell me what you think about me and my friends at the top. 

Who’d you think besides yours truly can be the pick of the crop? 

Kennedy, was he ein Berliner? When he was allowed at The Gate? 

Did Reagan tear down a wall, or was that just PR? 

Do you mean to get me elected like that? If I’m not it’ll be a mistake,

Did you know my immaculate election will be a record breaker? 

Don’t you get me wrong. 

I only want you to know… 


Obama Christ, Obama Christ,Please tell us what we must sacrifice!

Obama Christ Superstar, 

We believe you’re just what the media say you are!(Repeat many times)

I am sure someone has sent this to you already but the You Tube video of the Cake song Building a Religion is priceless. 




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