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Sopranos Guesses

JP – I don’t think AJ is gay. But I think he goes to jail and has bad things happen to him. And, I’m not sure about the map, because that seemed like one of the countless red herrings they throw at viewers (Whatever happened to the Russian in the woods, for Pete’s sake?). But I could be wrong.

My prediction: While Tony is in the hospital recovering and Uncle Junior — who remains the de jure boss of the family — remains a loon, there’s a leadership vacuum which Vito tries to fill with the aid of Phil Leotardo. We saw them talking quite a bit last night. That, combined with his talking about how, if, “God forbid,” something happened to Tony Soprano he could be boss some day is a dead giveaway that they’re going to collude in a power grab. Also, the fact they included Vito’s, uh, amorous encounter with the construction site security guard in the season five recap, tells me that he’ll be somewhat successful until he is undone by the fact that he practices the love that dare not speak its name.

Meanwhile, I think the real significance of Carmella’s Porsche came with her realization that her now-single friend could afford to buy a fancy sports car with her own money. Carmella’s decision to reconcile with Tony last season stemmed largely from the fact that she’s a “classy” gold-digger. If it dawns on her that leaving Tony wouldn’t amount to a vow of poverty, she might not be so terrified about leaving him.

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