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Sopranos, Sure; Carbon Offsets, No

Have had some interesting reactions to the first item in Impromptus today — about the decision of Opera Cleveland to “go green.” The company is “adding sustainability to the repertoire,” you see. And they are soliciting donations in order to “purchase carbon offsets.” NRO readers are saying that giving for operatic purposes is one thing, giving in order to further this mania is another. (When I say “this mania,” I should clarify I’m talking about the green enthusiasm. Opera is another mania.)

I was especially amused by something one reader said: “They might as well ask for money to give to some nice Nigerian prince they met on the Internet.”

Speaking of spam: Are you getting a lot of Arabic-language spam? I am. I get very few spam e-mails in Russian, and very few in East Asian languages. A lot in Arabic.


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