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Sore Winners

Remember the other day we were talking about the Kossite left’s humorlessness? Well, some leftwing blog — dunno which one — linked to that jokey post I wrote about how Bush should hunt and kill a bear to get his mojo back. I woke up this morning to find a couple dozen spittle-flecked emails from leftwing wingnuts most of whom took that post deadly seriously or as an excuse to hurl the usual insults. It’s all so, so lame. A few examplesn of the more tasteful and mature ones (seriously):

Bush should be dragged out of the White House by the ear and horsewhipped on the South Lawn.  We could see if he’s take a little Texas justice.  Of course, the voters did that, figuratively, on Tuesday.


This might work, if Georgie wasn’t a big pussy. Just like you, Limbaugh and Hannity. All giant pussies who would run away from a real fight in a second but love to spew the tough talk. Grow up all ready and be a real man. You and Georgie need to quit talking tough and playing dress-up. 


Alright Rambo. That was some funny stuff. You’re a real man. If you need someone to show you how to shoot that gun….What a maroon…..


You have hit on something very important, crucial in fact to the current political climate, but well beyond the understanding of the MSM:  President Bush is the definition of an “uninitiated male.”     What you say is absolutely correct:  He needed to kill that bear and throw the pelt not at Helen Thomas but at the feet of his own father.  He needed to do it at age 12 or 13.    If you want to see this in action go to any schoolyard and find the bully.  He will be the one who mistakes the infliction of pain with the possession of power.    Instead (like millions of other guys) President Bush  attempted to initiate himself into manhood by coasting through college drunk and f*****g off.  His one shot to have manhood initiated upon him was undone when he went AWOL.  With no real sense of masculinity other than one created by pop culture and exploited by his advisors, President Bush became a fake cowboy, even taking the charade all the way to Texas.  (The fake cowboy thing is a favorite of uninitiated men;  George Allen has the same problem, and for the same reasons:  bigshot daddy who didnt help junior kill the bear and insist he eat the heart).    Surounded by people who reinforced this hollow simulation of manhood for their own purposes, President Bush has been permitted to act out of an equally hollow sense of himself.  Hence the eternal smirk, the condescension, the dramatic pronouncements that ring so empty (“the evil-doers,” “I’m the decider,” etc.)   True men — not macho cliches — who by force of will or by sheer accident have managed to kill some kind of bear or another, rarely if ever have to speak in such bombastic terms.   Young men who are never initiated into Manhood always struggle with an unbalanced relationship to society and to themselves.  Too often the result is hobbled careers, toxic relationships, and unfulfilled expectations.  And if an uninitiated man is really unlucky, he gets US stuck in Iraq.   Have a nice day.


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