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Sorry State of Higher Ed

The case of Peter Kirstein, of Chicago’s St. Xavier University says a lot about the sorry state of the professorate. Kirstein was one of the professors who protested the supposed suppression of free speech by Dan Pipes’ Campus Watch website. In sarcastic solidarity with his colleagues from Middle East studies, Kirstein demanded to be listed by Campus Watch as a supposedly biased radical who worked against American interests. But when a student from the Air Force Academy sent out an e-mail asking for help in publicizing a student assembly featuring political discussion, Kirstein answered with a deeply vicious letter calling the student a baby killing disgrace to his country, censuring an open discussion of ideas, and demanding that the student resign from the armed services. Looks to me like Pipes’ critics are the real enemies of free speech. And they certainly don’t give a whit for the defense of this country.


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