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This Is The Sort of Priceless Monkey Item I Was Talking About

“Jane Goodall Gives Chimpanzee Cry”

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Primate expert and wildlife champion Jane Goodall pant-hooted like a chimpanzee at the State Department on Tuesday as she teamed up with Secretary of State Colin Powell to fight deforestation.

“We tend to spend so much time talking about the environment, talking about conservation, but we very rarely actually get the feeling during these meetings of the animals themselves, so here’s a greeting for you from a chimpanzee:

“Whoo whoo whoo oogh oogh oogh oogh oogh oogh oogh oogh ooh ooh oooh oooh,” Goodall bellowed in the State Department’s Dean Acheson Auditorium, drawing laughter and applause from the diplomats and environmentalists gathered…”


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