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Sotomayor and the Firefighters

More Whelan on Sotomayor: 

Highlighting the emphasis on diversity over quality in judicial selection, Justice Scalia has joked that “the next nominee to the Court will be a female Protestant Hispanic”.  Second Circuit judge Sonia Sotomayor fits at least two-thirds of the description. 

re a June 2008 decision on a New Haven firefighters case: 

Cabranes and his five colleagues clearly believe that Sotomayor and her panel colleagues acted as they did in order to bury the firefighters’ claims and to prevent en banc and Supreme Court review of them.  Cabranes’s opinion expresses his “hope that the Supreme Court will resolve the issues of great significance raised by this case” and his judgment that plaintiffs’ claims are “worthy of [Supreme Court] review.” 

Quite an indictment — by a fellow Clinton appointee, no less — of Sotomayor’s unwillingness to give a fair shake to parties whose claims she evidently dislikes.  Hardly the mark of a jurist worth serious consideration for the nation’s highest court.

Read his October warning about Sotomayor here

You’d think the president would have put at least a day between Memorial Day and nominating a judge to the Supreme Court who would bury the claims of firefighters — men who put their lives on the line in service for others — on the altar of political correctness, as one analyst just put it to me.

Sotomayor’s role in this case deserves scrutiny. 


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