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Sotu Predictions

Well, Kathryn, I’ll offer two:

(1) Some damage control on the illegal-immigration proposal. The White

House heard loud and clear from the conservative base — including, of

course, us — on that

one. Somebody there must have crunched the numbers. (I.e. votes to be

gained by POTUS shining Vicente Fox’s shoes on the White House lawn vs.

votes to be lost by abolishing the borders of the U.S.A.) From what we know

of GWB, I doubt anything substantive in the proposal will change, but look

for lots of sugar coating. Phrase to listen for: “nation of immigrants.”

(2) Signs that we might get some relief from the gross fiscal

irresponsibility of the past 3 years. (There is a fine editorial in today’s

Wall Street Journal on this — you need a subscription, though.) In the

first place, the President has enough items in inventory to give him

bragging rights therough the campaign season — education bill, Medicare

bill, etc. And second, we must surely be at the point by now that, if

things go on like this, White House economic advisers will be hurling

themselves from the observation deck of the Washington Monument, a thing the

administration would probably like to avoid. Phrase to listen for:

“budgetary constraints.”