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From a reader:

Now, what the heck is that, Jonah? You tell me. I’m Caribbean born, and I despise Kwanzaa. Non-sequitur, I know. Kwanzaa is just a secularist bid to rend the black American community from Christianity (which many wrongly view as a European religion) and shovel them into either socialism (check out the principles of Kwanzaa), or Islam (why many BAs believe historically has nothing to do with slavery. Ignorance is bliss, I say; dangerous bliss).

Sending Kwanzaa greetings won’t gain President Bush one single vote. Instead, it makes him complicit in the canard about the racism and genocidal tendencies of Christianity and in the fragmentation of American society to which BA racism has been contributary.

That’s my bloody .02 worth on the bloody topic! Yes, I’m frosted.

[Name withheld]


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