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The Sounds of Silence

Today, at Powerline, Scott Johnson writes of the New Republic and its refusal to say anything further about the Diarists written by American soldier Scott Thomas Beauchamp: “Editor Franklin Foer and executive editor Peter Scoblic seem to think that they can keep up this charade indefinitely, but it is only the indifference of the MSM that has let them get away with it for this long. ‘The editors’ closed their August 10 update by saying that they ‘refused to rush to judgment on our writer or ourselves’ — virtually the only honest statement we’ve ever gotten from TNR on this matter. But it should not be the last. At some point they’ll have to say something on the subject…”

No, actually, they won’t. Unless the magazine’s owner, the Asper family, insists on a full public accounting of Beauchamp’s behavior, Foer and Company can remain silent forever. And my guess is they will.

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