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‘A Source of Enlightenment’

As our convention-week webathon plows ahead, we continue to receive the beneficence of good conservatives who know that the voice of National Review is unique, timely, smart, authoritative, vital, and worthy of your sustaining support. You can make a donation here. Please do so. Along with their financial support, many have offered encouraging words. Here are some samples.

Peter, who sent us $100, put NR’s value in context: “I continue to find NR a source of enlightenment about the unseemly contradictions of today’s politicians and their politics. Good Lord! What would WFB think? I really would like to know, and reading NR gives me a decent shot at that. Keep up your good work, please!” Polite and generous — you rock Pete.

Another $100 comes from Lee, who commands “Don’t give up the ship!” We won’t. And speaking of ships, sail with us on one

Getting all metallurgical is David, who donates $50 and explains the cause-and-effect of reading Victor, Jonah, Andy, David, Jay, Rich, and the gang: ”NR puts steel in my conservative spine.” We try, David. Thanks.

John donates a whopping $500 and explains simply why: “For the good fight!” And fight we will John, with this level of support. Many thanks.

One more: Fernando contributes $102 and says “This one’s for Jonah!” By that we understand, one dollar for him. Okay, I can make that happen.

What you can make happen — what you who come to NRO early and often really should make happen — is the continued operations of NR. We’re vital to conservatism. Your support of NR is likewise vital. Please make a your generous donation here.


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