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Sources: Leadership Promised to Pull Cromnibus

I’m hearing from two sources, including one Republican lawmaker, that Representative Marlin Stutzman (R., Ind.) provided one of the final, decisive votes needed to clear a crucial procedural hurdle because House leadership promised to pull the cromnibus and replace it with a short-term continuing resolution that would push the entire funding debate into next year.

An aide to House speaker John Boehner says he made no such pledge. Stutzman’s office did not reply immediately to a request for comment.

Rank-and-file Republicans who want the House to withhold funding for President Obama’s executive orders on immigration proposed such a short-term CR during a conference meeting Wednesday, but Boehner told them that Senate Republicans opposed the idea.

“The fact that the House has recessed tells me leadership is worried,” the House Republican source says, noting that they also had to recess during the summer border crisis fight — when a conservative revolt, rather than a Democratic one, forced them to modify their proposals. “That tells me that they are reevaluating,” the lawmaker suggests, with the likeliest options being whether to stick with the cromnibus as written or move to a short-term continuing resolution.

The decision likely will be influenced by how House Democrats respond to President Obama’s statement of support for the House bill. The Democratic caucus voted unanimously against the bill in today’s procedural vote, but they might be swayed by Obama’s support for the final legislation — the president released the statement following the tense rule vote.


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