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Sousas, Roosevelts . . .

In a post earlier today, I had reason to discuss John Philip Sousa, just a little. A reader points out that the initials of the country are in the composer’s last name — a fact that pleased Sousa. Another reader says,

“It was good to note that John Philip Sousa IV joined Sarah Palin at the tea-party rally in Boston on Wednesday. I don’t know anything about JPS IV, but I find myself gratified he’s on our side. Kind of like learning that one of your sports heroes is a conservative.”

I have a little memory from Campaign 2000. Gov. George W. Bush was advocating Social Security reform, thereby grabbing “the third rail of American politics,” which was supposed to fry anybody who touched it. A man who stood beside him when he touted this reform was an FDR descendant.

Anyway, we could play families-and-politics all day, or a good chunk of it . . . 


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