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South Carolina Dem, Lt. Gov. Candidate, Files Bill to ‘Lessen the Burden’ of Obamacare

 A South Carolina Democrat has filed a law to, in his words, “lessen the burden of some provisions of the Affordable Care Act.”

State representative Bakari Sellers, currently the only Democrat who is running for lieutenant governor, has filed legislation that would offer a state tax credit to offset Obamacare’s 2.3 percent medical-device tax. Since the tax is applicable to gross sales of such devices — which makes it difficult to offer a tax credit — Sellers’ bill, H. 4365, would credit the amount the company paid in fees to the Food and Drug Administration.

Sellers says he supports multiple aspects of Obamacare, such as expanding Medicaid, but “there are still some aspects I’m not too comfortable with.”

“I’m trying to create jobs in South Carolina,” Sellers said, insisting that his bill is about economic development and “nothing more than that.”

He says he will “aggressively” push his legislation when the legislature reconvenes in mid January. However, Republicans control the state house and have a bill of their own that would offset penalties businesses incur for failing to provide health insurance to all of their employees.

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