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South Park Conservatives

I just ordered the book (and with Amazon Prime I will be receiving it

in two days for no extra shipping charge! The best deal in the

world!) so I can’t comment in depth, but the whole South Park Con

thing strikes me as somewhat off target. Let’s not forget that Parker

and Stone also created “That’s My Bush,” the lame Presidential parody

sitcom a few years back. I don’t know how those guys vote, but as

writers they’re iconoclasts. Maybe their breakthrough is to realize

that the Liberal Media is every bit as much of An Establishment as The

Government Controlled By The Man, so they give a comic de-pantsing to

the left and the result seems conservative.

As for “South Park” itself, I don’t watch it, but I absolutely loved

the first thing I ever saw of it, which was Parker and Stone’s

homemade Christmas special, which I believe was sent around L.A. as a

holiday gift by an agent. If you haven’t seen it, there’s lots of

swearing, Jesus and Santa fight to settle things once and for all, and

then Brian Boitano shows up and delivers the true meaning of

Christmas. It’s hilarious and a teensy bit more inappropriate than

Laura Bush’s joke about… well, I’m blushing so I can’t type.

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