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In Space No One Should Hear You Scream

Several readers have noted that 2001 wasn’t the only sci-fi fare loyal to the idea that space should be quiet. From a reader:


Your poster asked, “What other space movie has ever been that accurate?” I’m fairly certain that you’ll get inundated, so I’ll be brief: Firefly, Serenity and Babylon 5 all did their levelheaded best to stick to the No Sound in Space Doctrine.

There. I’ve met my geek points requirement for the day.

Me: I should add — though I’m not sure why since it’s almost entirely irrelevant — that I noticed the other day that Dr. Caron (AKA the holographic woman who got mauled by the Reavers) was played by the same actress who plays the token Christian on “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.”

Update: From a reader:

Subject: Actually, she’s not “the” token Christian 

She is one of half a dozen or more cast members and other personnel who join hands and take turns leading each other in prayer before each episode. Faithfully,


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