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Spanish-Language Paper Calls Gomez a LINO

Add Gabriel Gomez to the growing group of Hispanic Republicans the Left is calling Latinos In Name Only.

In a piece in El Planeta, a Spanish-language weekly in Boston, the paper’s director, Jerry Villacrés, said Gomez, whose parents are from Colombia, was an “outsider” to Hispanics because he had not “worked with organizations and individuals from our community.” Villacrés​ concludes that “for me, he is Latin In Name Only (LINO).”

Earlier in the piece, Villacrés brushed off Gomez’s Spanish-speaking skills, saying “he doesn’t speak it perfectly, but is sufficiently fluent enough to impress a majority of mono-lingual Americans.” A MassLive article last week described him as “a native Spanish-speaker.”

Last month, a BuzzFeed writer tweeted that Texas Republican senator Ted Cruz was a “LINO” because of his conservative political positions. (Gomez, on the other hand, is a much more moderate Republicans.) Meanwhile, former Democratic governor Bill Richardson said of Cruz, “I don’t think he should be defined as a Hispanic,” because he represents “Texas, a conservative state.”


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