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Speaking Gigs

I have some public speaking events coming up, for those interested.

Tomorrow, I’m speaking at the Ashbrook Center in Ohio. (Among other things, they put out one of my go-to blogs — No Left Turns.)

October 6, I’ll be on a panel at Georgetown with our very own Helen Rittelmeyer and others to discuss this.

October 18, I’ll be in  Arkansas, for a talk at Arkansas Tech. [Note: This originally said I’ll be in Little Rock, but that’s not where Ark Tech is. It’s just where I’m flying into. The school is in by-all-accounts lovely Russellville, AR. My apologies].

October 19, I’ll be at Maryville University in Missouri to debate Peter Beinart (apparently about health-care reform).

October 22, I’ll be in Colorado Springs, for a talk to the The Cheyenne Mountain Republican Forum. (Details TK.)

November 12, I’ll be in Portland, Maine, speaking to the Maine Heritage Policy Center (details TK).

Oh, and of course, I’ll be on the NR cruise, along with a cast of dozens.


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