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Speaking of “I Know You Are But What Am I?”

Have you seen Kerry’s latest theme? It’s that Bush is the “real flip-flopper” because he kept changing his rationale for the war. They did a segment on it last night on Fox. I don’t have a link, but it does seem the meme is widespread.

The criticism is legitimate enough in a presidential debate, but the “real flip-flopper” angle is so revealing of how the Kerry campaign is still being held-hostage to the Bush campaign (as I argued in yesterday’s syndicated column). It’s just so lame. Can’t these guys come up with their own campaign themes? I mean do they really want at this late stage to argue about who is the “real” flip-flopper? A question which almost concedes that Kerry is a flip-flopper but whines about Bush being one too? Is that really the terrain Kerry and Co. want to run on going into the home stretch?

Besides, running ads and such saying Bush is the real flip-flopper because of Iraq is simply preaching to the same choir & Co. have been preaching to for a year. The people who buy the Iraq argument are already anti-Bush. It’s a dead horse. And it’s lame.


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