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Speaking of Iran . . .

. . . as I just was, Ken Timmerman reports that the mullahs have made dramatic progress in their ballistic missile programs over the past year of Obama administration engagement and smart diplomacy. They have in production three new missiles, including one developed with the assistance of China which is designed for use against U.S. aircraft carriers. Moreover, they have conducted three tests of long-range missiles designed to carry nuclear warheads — which tests the regime did not announce. Given that a June 2010 Security Council resolution, in the course of imposing sanctions on Iran, expressly forbids the regime from conducting tests of “nuclear-capable” missiles, the non-disclosure of the tests “is tantamount to admitting they were of nuclear-capable missiles,” according to Israeli defense expert Uzi Rubin.

A U.N. panel has been investigating Iranian violations of the pertinent resolutions, but Russia and China have evidently intervened to suppress the report — and the Obama administration is keeping mum, too. Rubin theorizes that this is because bringing attention to the Iranian tests would reveal the folly of the administration’s “reset” of U.S.-Russian relations, which prominently featured Obama’s accession to Russian demands that the U.S. cancel deployment of missile defense systems in Poland and the Czech Republic — because, you know, Iranian missiles are not a threat to the U.S. or its allies. Rubin also points out that the Obama administration “wants to say that sanctions are working, so if they say that Iran’s missile tests have been successful, they wouldn’t look too good.”


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