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Speaking of Lost (Minor Spoiler)

I know pointing out implausible things on Lost is like criticizing Luke Skywalker’s shoes as “unrealistic.”But the idea that Sun Kwon (the Korean woman) could get so big a settlement from Oceanic Air that she’d be able to buy up enough stock in a huge Korean conglomerate to take it over struck me as absurd. The whole trick to sci-fi-fantasy type stuff is to make the everyday stuff real so the unreal stuff seems real too. That violated that principle.

Update: Some theories from readers:

Jonah, I am not sure you are right on this one. My money is on a development wherein Sun starts working for Ben the same way that Sayid did. In that case, I think she is lying about the settlement amount and is actually being funded by Ben/Mittelos. Her deal with Ben’s people is that if they help her destroy her father, in this way, she will be able to use her financial clout to attache Whidmore.


Minor nitpick:

I think it’s more likely that she pooled her money along with money from someone else (like Hurley, who has a LOT of money) to get controlling interest in her father’s company. Hurley has had contact with Sun (he visited Jin’s grave with her).


I think the big settlement was actually from Widmore and Co. to keep her mouth shut about what really happened on the island, and *that* settlement could be big enough, maybe. Although it makes me wonder why the rest of the Six aren’t also super-wealthy.


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