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Speaking of Men

I have this in my “Midnight Sex” piece:

The movie, like the series, is an important cultural contribution. It’s a mirror. And you don’t have to be promiscuous or crass like Carrie and Samantha and Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) and Charlotte (Kristin Davis) tend to be to see a reflection. There is a real focus on men, and on what women do to men: Women don’t forgive men. Women don’t think about men and their feelings. For as sensitive as the modern man is supposed to be to a women’s feelings and as sensitive as a man is supposed to look, he’s not really supposed to register an opinion. Or slip up. Or be honest.

Do not click on the link unless you are okay with spoilers. It makes Kathleen Parker’s Save the Males very timely. Though, sadly, there will be many other hooks, I suspect, until it comes out on June 10.


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