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Speaking of O-Hi-O

Several readers have asked why I keep spelling it out that way: O-Hi-O. Two reasons really. First, I always remembered the Looney Tunes with Elmer Fudd and Bugs doing a vaudeville routine where Elmser asks “What’s high in the middle and round on both ends?” The answer: “O-Hi-O” as he jabs and slaps at Bugs. Or something like that. He eventually sprays him with a seltzer bottle.

Also, in my head I always remember that Pretenders song where every syllable in O-Hi-O is pronounced.

I went back to Ohio

But my city was gone

There was no train station

There was no downtown

Southtown it had disappeared

All my favorite places

My city had been pulled down

Reduced to parking spaces

Ay! Oh! Where did you go, Ohio?

I went back to Ohio

But my family was gone

I stood on the back porch

There was nobody home

I was stunned and amazed

My childhood memories

Saw this world past

Like the wind thorugh the trees

Ay! Oh! Where did you go, Ohio?

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