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Speaking Truth To BSG

From a reader:

Bravo Jonah,

Somebody had to say it.  I’ve followed BSG from the beginning (And I’m old enough to have watched ALL of the Trek series and movies when they originally came out), and early on thought the Cylons did indeed have a plan.  Now that line has become a joke.  Since the Resurrection Hub has been destroyed, the Cylons will die just like humans… except they don’t age and can’t get cancer &c.  And I guess the Cylon Civil War was part of that plan too.  Uh huh.  And how is it, exactly, that humans and cylons can create viable offspring?  Some contradictions are inevitable in Sci-Fi, but BSG has become a positive mish-mash.

The end is so obvious I don’t even care if I watch anymore: The Cylons and Humans will find Earth, and they’ll live happily ever after… together as a hybrid super-race.  The beginning will become the ending.  How original.




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