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Specter & The G-File

In case you haven’t signed up yet, an excerpt from this week’s G-File (which is not bound by the bourgeois norms and customs that constrain other jurisdictions of the NR universe):

Schadenfreude is an ugly word, as befits the ugly language that produced it, but I can’t apologize for being genuinely gleeful about Arlen Specter’s defeat. In fact, I’m not sure Schadenfreude even applies here, because, as I understand it, Schadenfreude is taking joy in another’s misfortune. Well, misfortune is another word for bad luck. And Specter’s defeat isn’t bad luck, it is a long-overdue comeuppance.

Arlen Specter was a geyser of asshattery, spewing his particular brand of a-holuarness (to borrow a term from social science) with a regularity that would put Old Faithful to shame. And what Bart Simpson said of Old Faithful, I will say of Arlen Specter: He both sucks and blows.


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