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Specter Game-Playing On Abortion

With challenger Congressman Pat Toomey breathing down his liberal neck in the Pennsylvania GOP senate primary (April 27), incumbent Arlen Specter continues his political suck-up to pro-lifers and their desperately needed votes. Yesterday, Specter voted to pass the Unborn Victims of Violence Act (discussed here yesterday (scroll down), it is the fetal-homicide bill also named “Laci and Conner’s Law”). But before that vote took place, Specter voted to kill the bill by supporting Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s substitute proposal — it would have codified the doctrine that when a woman and her unborn child are injured or killed during a federal crime, that crime has only a single victim. The proposal lost 50-49; other senators swinging both way à la Arlen were Tom Daschle (D, SD), Harry Reid (D, NV), Mary Landrieu (D, LA), and Susan Collins (R, ME). Don’t be surprised if the Specter campaign hasn’t already cut ads to run on Pennsylvania Christian radio stations bragging about his vote on the final bill (with nary a mention his bill-killing vote on the Feinstein amendment).


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