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Specter: Hh

A few additional Specter thoughts. (Bear with me a few posts.) Does Hugh Hewitt (he has another post up; and note-who I like a lot (and whose radio show I do every week since forever, it seems [think we’re about to hit the two-year mark]-but it would get boring if we all always agreed, right?) think if conservatives shut up about Arlen Specter now, the Dems (Patrick Leahy, Ralph Neas and Nan Aron) will play nicer later? Come on. They won’t. They wouldn’t if we smiled and took a Specter chairmanship without the fight. They have as much at stake in the courts as we do, and they know it is their only way to further their agenda on some key issues. Opponents of a Specter chairmanship aren’t playing into any Dems hand. They were there all along. And they were moving increasingly leftward without us.


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