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Specter & Tort Reform

He is an abortion-rights absolutist, a dogged advocate of racial preferences, a bitter foe of tort reform, a firm friend of the International Criminal Court — the list is long. When Citizens Against Government Waste recently listed Specter in its “Pig Book” as one of the Senate’s most profligate spenders, he shot back: “If they left me out, I’d be worried.” In 1995, Specter briefly ran for president and pursued the unique strategy of attacking the base of his own party: His announcement speech lobbed a grenade at “the intolerant Right.” After pressing this theme for several months, one poll showed him attracting support from a grand total of 1 percent of Republicans.

Shouldn’t every supporter of tort reform be livid this man will be head of the judiciary committee? AND DOESN’T NEED TO BE CHAIRMAN…and he shouldn’t be…and he can’t be. Shouldn’t “the business community” be insisting Specter cannot be chairman of the judiciary committee?


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