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The Spin Is Going The Other Way

Lots of Cornerites may think that President Bush outperformed John Kerry tonight, but don’t expect that to be the media spin over the next 24 hours. Insta-polls for CNN and CBS show a win for Kerry. Virtually everyone on CNN is calling it a win, even a “decisive win,” for Kerry. MSNBC is noncomittal but mildly Kerryish. The media want all three debates as a unit to form an inflection point, pushing Kerry into a narrow lead so as to increase viewership and excitement. It looks like the Bush team will have to win the debate spin in order to claim a win of the third debate itself.

John Hood — John Hood is president of the John William Pope Foundation, a Raleigh-based grantmaker that supports public policy organizations, educational institutions, arts and cultural programs, and humanitarian relief in North Carolina ...

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