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Spitzer’s Former Madam No Longer Running

Looks like Eliot Spitzer won’t have to worry about running against his former madam in New York City’s upcoming comptroller race. Kristin Davis, who won the Libertarian party’s nomination long before Spitzer had announced his candidacy, did not file to appear on the November ballot.

News of Davis’s failure to submit the required 3,750 signatures to appear on the ballot comes weeks after she was charged and arrested for selling prescription drugs. Roger Stone, a political consultant who US News described as Davis’s mentor, urged her to step out of the race following the arrest. She has not provided an explanation for not filing.

Davis’s campaign gained attention after Spitzer announced he would run in July, although she had already been in the race for almost three months by that point. She repeatedly targeted the former New York governor for his hypocrisy in combating prostitution; she even doubted that Spitzer had stopped hiring prostitutes.

Charles C. W. Cooke wrote about Davis last month in a piece for National Review Online.


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