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SPLC Wants You Dead

Mark Krikorian is quite right to excoriate the Southern Poverty Law Center for its disgraceful antics. It is astonishing that pronouncements coming out of this nest of thieves are picked up and quoted in all earnestness by respectable news outlets. (I saw one such recently in The Economist.)

Even more egregiously malicious than the “hate group” designations noted by Mark was the SPLC’s “alert” issued earlier this month to law-enforcement officers nationwide, warning cops that their lives are in danger during traffic stops if they pull over drivers with “right wing bumper stickers.”

This could get someone — some conservative — killed. As was noted in Conservative Examiner:

Now, thanks to SPLC, something as simple as having a political bumper sticker on your car, supposedly protected speech … urges police to view non-leftist political sentiment as a potentially lethal personal threat.

I’ve seen more exposés of the SPLC and its cynical shenanigans than I can count — just google “expose of southern poverty law center” and settle down for a few hours’ reading — but nothing seems to stick. What makes these lying crooks so invulnerable? Friends in high places? And what do any of their loathsome, slanderous, dangerous activities have to do with alleviating southern poverty?

John Derbyshire — Mr. Derbyshire is a former contributing editor of National Review.

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