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The Huntington Bulldogs clashed yesterday in a titanic struggle with the Bayshore Vikings.  Bulldogs won 13-7.  Here they are, Danny Derbyshire wearing No. 25.  Our Bulldogs are now 4-3-1 on the season.

No, I didn’t get to work the chain crew.  It was an away game; only home-team dads get on the chain crew.  And even then, it’s getting a bit competitive.  Seems that every dad wants to work the chains now.  There has been some very unseemly jostling and line-jumping to get on the chain crew.  Last week was a home game, but I got beaten to the chains by another dad.  I am not good at this sort of thing–too diffident.  I confidently expect fist fights over chain crew slots before the end of the season.