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Spring Fever Update: Wascally Webels’ New Libya Promotes Sharia, As State Department Runs for Cover



One day after Libya’s top lawmaker appeared to back down – under criticism from fundamentalists – over the need for a secular state, the country’s prime minister-elect on Wednesday submitted a cabinet that does not include a single member of the country’s pro-Western liberal coalition.

Also on Wednesday, Libya’s central bank governor confirmed plans to push for a shari’a-compliant banking system. Reuters quoted Saddek Elkaber as saying on the sidelines of a banking meeting in Kuwait that demand for the changes was so high he hoped the new rules would be in place by the end of this year.

Together, the developments add new concerns to those voiced over the months since the overthrow of the Gadaffi dictatorship about the future direction the North African country may take – concerns dramatically underscored by the deadly September 11 assault on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi….

The report goes on to explain that the speaker of the General National Congress had to apologize after declaring — in what we’ll call “State Department logic” — that the new Libyan constitution should be “secular” but should not “clash with Islam.” The “secular” part caused the “largely secular” Muslim Brotherhood members to walk out of parliament. Can’t have that.

Our Libyan adventure is looking better every day, isn’t it?

Meanwhile, Jake Tapper of ABC News reports on new evidence that the Obama State Department declined to provide diplomatic personnel with security adequate to meet the perilous conditions of Libya — the country which, by percentage of population, led the world in sending jihadists to fight Americans in Iraq. Foggy Bottom denied its Libyan embassy’s request to keep a DC-3 airplane, which embassy personnel had been using in order to get around the country more securely. The embassy said they still needed it; Washington decided they didn’t. If the president’s name were Bush, and Madame Secretary’s were Rice, this would be a story that never left the front page. But they are Obama and Clinton . . . so it’s not even a story. It’s the Benghazi stonewall, and the media want you to know they’ll get right on it the second after they’ve dragged their guy across the finish line.

Then it’s on to the next cycle: HILLARY 2016: IT’S SPRINGTIME IN AMERICA!


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