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Spring Reading

With spring at last upon us (at least technically), the spring issue of National Affairs is now online. Among the offerings:


  • Scott Winship on the left’s weak claims about the costs of inequality

  • Philip Wallach on why we shouldn’t trust our fiscal fate to budget “mechanisms”

  • Sarah Harris on the failure of regulatory oversight

  • Paul Howard on how Medicaid can be fixed despite Obamacare

  • Tevi Troy on what the (ultimately unused, alas) Romney transition plans can teach us

  • James Capretta on recasting conservative economics

  • Arthur Brooks on the art of limited government

  • George Weigel on how denying reality leads to bad public policy

Some are free to all on our site, some are available only to subscribers (and here is where you can subscribe, to also get the journal in print).

Yuval Levin — Yuval Levin is the editor of National Affairs and a fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center.

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