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“Dear Intelligent American . . .”

National Review founder William F. Buckley Jr.

That was ever the salutation of Bill Buckley’s subscription-solicitation missives, and really, there was no better or, in fact, other way to phrase it, because “intelligent American” — make it plural and throw in some Canadians and a handful of friends abroad — was the unifying description of NR readers. It remains so.

But not every conservative of intelligence thinks to put his money where his beliefs are — or, where the principle voice of his beliefs is. That would be NR, now engaged in its Spring 2019 Webathon. The goal of over $175,000, to be raised this month, of which there are a few days remaining, is gettable . . . but the getting will require some $57,000 in additional donations this last week. The way gotten so far is thanks to 1,053 (as we type) donors, God bless them each and every one. Often, their financial generosity piggybacks remarkable sentiments of praise, gratitude, history. Here are some examples which we hope inspire an additional 1,040 of our readers to donate (fortifying our efforts to combat socialism):

  • Luke sends us $100 and tips his hat, which looks like a Golden Dome: “From a fellow Notre Dame alumnus, thank you Alexandra DeSanctis.”
  • Timmy D. doubles that and gets to the rub: “God bless your efforts to keep us informed and safe from the those who desire to reform America into something other than our Founders envisioned!”
  • Loren provides Ben Franklin with a new home, and reaches back through the decades: “Been reading since Tom Selleck was doing TV ads in the ’80s. Thanks for staying true to WFB’s vision.”
  • Ronald gives $100 and rounds the bases: “I have enjoyed National Review for years, but I am enjoying all of the content on National Review Online and NRPlus even more. You provide a huge amount of commentary and reporting on a wide range of issues, and fresh material is available at the click of a button each and every day. I find that I need sane and well-reasoned writing even more in these insane times. Bravo!!”
  • William, with his $50 contribution, does the same: “NR is both a national and intellectual treasure! It has been nearly 40 years since I first ran across a copy in my high school’s library. It was a serendipitous discovery that has been shaping me and entertaining me ever since. Keep up the good work. We are grateful for it.
  • Bruce tenders a C Note and spreads his praise on one and all: “Thanks for KLow and Alexandra DeSanctis, for all the prolife and pro religion writing. Greatly appreciated. And thanks for VDH, Williamson, Geraghty, and the cultural polymath Jay Nordlinger. He is one of a kind, and I’m glad you have them all writing for you.”
  • Jon sends a grand — yeah, $1,000! — and get a load of this: “I’ve been an NR reader — and on again/off again subscriber — since my mid-teens growing up in small town Texas during the Reagan years. My subscription followed me to my fraternity house at UVA (where Rich and I were classmates, even if we didn’t know each other) and beyond. Reagan introduced me to conservatism. National Review and Free to Choose supplied the intellectual foundation for it. I’ve been benefitting from NR for more than three decades and know how important it is to the cause of freedom. So I’m more than happy to pony up and do my small part. Soldier on.”

Jon, we may pay you for Rich stories! But in the meantime, we need to pay the costs that come with operating this endless fight for conservative principles and are encouraged that so many of you are joining us in what is an unglamorous but vital part of the fight. Please give what you can, knowing that we know your (deeply appreciated!) generosity is selfless. Help us get to our goal of $175,000 by donating to the 2019 Spring Webathon here. If you wish to send a check, here’s the drill: Make it payable to “National Review” and mail it to National Review, ATTN: Spring 2019 Webathon, 19 West 44th Street, New York, NY 10036. Thank you very much.

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