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Springfield Meets Yonkers in The Educational Quagmire

From a reader:

“In order to reduce the school budget, Principal Skinner decides to put forth ‘Operation S.L.A.A.M.: So Long Athletics Art And Music.’ “

— “The Simpsons,” episode EABF20 (“The President Wore Pearls”), aired a mere two days ago.

“In a move the schools superintendent said ‘cut the heart and soul’ out of Westchester County’s largest district, the Yonkers Board of Education last night slashed 502 jobs and eliminated most music and art instruction, interscholastic sports and all extracurricular activities.”

The Journal News, 18 Nov 2003

Wow, the Yonkers School Board must really be on the cutting edge…they’re able to enact policy based on the very latest “Simpsons” episode, less than 48 hours after the episode has premiered! Yonkers tax dollars in action!


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