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Byron has a piece up on her Libyan connex:

Lions Of Al-Mufridoon Claim Madrid Bombing (from Jihad Unspun – their web site is down)

“In Europe’s worst terror attack and the bloodiest attack ever on Spanish soil, a well coordinated and executed series of bomb explosions hit commuter trains in the capital of Madrid as the morning rush hour was in process. On the eve of Spain’s general election, over 173 people have been killed and hundred more wounded, with estimates of the wounded expected to escalate near the 1000 mark.

A total of 13 bombs sent pieces of the trains flying through the air at nearby houses and left gapping holes and crumbled metal entwined with human body parts. As rescue workers arrived on the scene, many of the seriously wounded were treated where they lay.

JUS has learned the Lions of al-Mufridoon has claimed of responsibility for the attack. Previously unknown, the group is said to be made up of Morrocan, Algerian, and Tunisian operatives, with suspected links to Al-Qaida.

Spain has been warned of their involvement with the “Crusader” army of George Bush and Tony Blair in previous Al-Qaida statements and more recently in both the last statements issued by Osama bin Laden and Dr. Aymen Al-Zawhari, which followed the attack on the Spanish embassy in Iraq.

While law enforcement authorities are casting a wide net of possible suspects in the attack, Spanish government officials were quick to blame ETA, the Basque separatist party that has been a thorn in the side of the Spanish government for the past 25 years. This attack however in not inline with their previous actions.

Spain has been the most vocal supporter of the “War on Terrorism” with troops still inside Afghanistan and currently 1400 soldiers fighting in Iraq. It is thought that if this latest attack is attributed to the war in Iraq that it could collapse president Hosay Marie Aznaar vote in the Sunday’s general elections.

This is a developing story. More details to come as they are available.”


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