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Ramón Mercader, the Soviet agent who murdered Trotsky, after his arrest. Keith Melton has the ice pick — the murder weapon. (WikiMedia)

WFB aficionados may remember that this was the title of one of his novels: Spytime: The Undoing of James Jesus Angleton. Angleton was the legendary counterintelligence chief, very controversial. I bring him up with Keith Melton, who is my guest on Q&A, here.

There is a new spy museum in Washington — stocked with Melton’s stuff. Melton has assembled the greatest spy collection ever: devices, weapons, etc. He is giving it away for the enjoyment, education, and amazement of the public. More than a collector, Melton is a leading expert on espionage, the author of several books.

He comes from a Louisiana family. Went to the Naval Academy and served in Vietnam. He did not go into intelligence. Rather, he went into business (McDonald’s franchises) and made a fortune. He used this fortune to pursue his great interest: the history of espionage, its whys and wherefores, and its stuff — its equipment. There is no end to what he has. That includes the ice pick that killed Trotsky.

In our Q&A, I ask Melton about CIA directors, agencies, spies, novelists, movies, and more. What an interesting life, and interesting man. Again, find him here.

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