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Squeaking By

My TR guy is coming up with squeaky-voice references from all over.

“Mr. Derbyshire—Here are some more learned references:

“‘Once the Assembly was under way, it did not take long before Teddy learned how to be heard. In his high-pitched voice, he would yell, “Mister Spee-kar, Mister Spee-kar.” If the speaker refused to acknowledge him, Teddy would march up and down the aisles until he was recognized.’ — Theodore Roosevelt: An American Original by Rooby Janet Benge, Geoff Benge.

“‘With his city manners, spectacles, thin frame, and high-pitched voice, he sometimes has a difficult time getting the frontiersmen to take him seriously.’ — Theodore Roosevelt by Geoffrey M. Horn.”

[Derb]  So maybe Gore Vidal does know what he’s talking about… for once.