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Stacey Abrams: No One from the Biden Campaign Has Called Yet

The hype about the possibility of Stacey Abrams being Joe Biden’s running mate is wildly disproportionate to the likelihood that Biden will actually select her.

Last night on Stephen Colbert’s program, Abrams said she hasn’t gotten any calls related to vetting in Biden’s search for a vice-presidential nominee. It would be pretty remarkable if one of the most-mentioned and most-covered figures — compared to a runway supermodel in a Washington Post profile — was never seriously considered by the Biden campaign. Abrams wants to be considered, and quite a few ardent admirers in the national news media want her to be considered. But there is little evidence that she is actually being considered.

Perhaps posing for a silhouette portrait, with a superhero-like cape, for that Post profile was a bit much, even for the Biden campaign.


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