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In my latest Jaywalking, I have a chance to play some Stephen Foster. Why? Because President Trump has named John Bolton his national security adviser. This leads me to “If You’ve Only Got a Moustache.”

I wrote a piece about JB in late 2010: “The Man with the Mustache.” We called it that because George W. Bush once exclaimed, on seeing Bolton, his ambassador to the U.N., “The man with the mustache!” We put that piece on the cover.

A little later, I published a letter from a reader, which went like this:

Thought you might like to know that my three-year-old niece put down her book Pinkalicious while I was babysitting her over the weekend and picked up my National Review and said, “I wanna read this one.” Then she pointed to John Bolton on the cover and said, “Why does he look like that?” I said, “He has a very prominent mustache.” She then opened the magazine and said, “I like this book, it’s funny.” I couldn’t have been prouder. Picture attached. (Note my fiancée’s book on Mao next to her. She’s going to be a formidable conservative.)

Here is that picture.

In my Jaywalking, I also have the chance, or seize the chance, to play some Rachmaninoff, some Grieg, and more. See if this is up your street (again, here).


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