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Staff Sgt. Ronald Blystone, RIP

Very sad news. Army Staff Sgt. Ronald Blystone, who was on the cover of NR in 2005 (it was my “We’re Winning” story), was killed by small arms fire while patrolling in Baghdad. He was on his third tour. Read this and this, and you’ll get an idea of what an incredible American he was and the sacrifices his family has made for our country (his brother is in Iraq as well, and his mom didn’t know which of them had been killed when two officers showed up at her door). He had three children, and the family has set up an educational fund for their children. I’ll be contributing and I hope you will too. Donations can be mailed to Blystone Educational Fund, BanCorp South, P.O. Box 4023, Springfield, MO 65808. 

I’m also told the good people at the Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation will be presenting each of the three children a EE Patriot Bond maturity value of $30,000 each.

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