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Standing Up for America (While the MSM Lays Down)

Eliana Johnson has a wonderful pitch for our Spring Webathon, explaining how, unlike much of the rest of the media, National Review’s coverage of the 2016 elections is so obviously about putting principle over profit. I encourage you to read it, and to contemplate it, and then to act on it – which you can do by making a kind contribution to NR. Others have, God bless them. Some, when they do, offer a thought or two, or encouraging words, and the like. We are happy to share them. For example:

Ron tosses a generous $50 in this direction and offers a toast: “Here’s to one intellectual bright spot in a sea of misery.” I will drink to that (and, depending on the day, to just about anything else).

Another $50 comes from Curt, and if you love NR you really have to dig his comment: “That Lowry and Goldberg are alright. Nordlinger is a grand chap. I think the house that Bill built is gonna be a keeper. And the icing on the cake? That whole standing athwart and shouting NO to Trump thing.” Grand and alright — amen Curt, and thanks for the dough.

And yet another $50 finds its way to us, courtesy of Kim, who cheers us on: “I really appreciate all you do and your stand again leftism (and against Trump!). Keep up the good work, and may God bless you all.” He has blessed us Kim, with friends such as you. Grazia.

From Leslie comes a much-needed C-note, and an all-hang-out-letting: “I am so thankful for National Review Online. Day after day of Trump indoctrination, particularly from People-Who-Should-Know-Better (!!) has compelled me to cancel, delete, denounce, and unsubscribe from many formerly highly-respected sources of news and opinion. When Trumpmania threatens my reason, my IQ, and my very sanity; and when I fear that I have somehow horribly misunderstood conservatism and the Constitution, everyone at NRO, and especially Rich Lowry, Jim Geraghty, and Jonah Goldberg, remind me that there is still a voice of reason in this upside-down world. Stand athwart, my friends!” Standing athwart as I type this Leslie — you rock.

We’ll close by noting Lori’s $25 contribution and her hip-hip-hooray: “When I saw your ‘Never Trump’ edition, I felt like my friends were riding in to save the day. And I felt proud to know you. I don’t actually know you, of course, but I am very grateful for your excellent work. Thank you!”

Flags unfurled, swords aloft, carbines hot, NR rides to the sound of gunfire aimed at conservatism, to fight the fight and inspire others to do the same. Your kindness, and that of many others, affords us the ability to do so, and plenty of inspiration too. If there is anyone else who feels the need to make like Lori, Leslie, Ron, Kim, Curt, and hundreds more — and you should! — please donate to NR here

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