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Standing Athwart Yelling ‘Okay, I’ll Help!’

The caboose on Bill Buckley’s famous line about NR’s yelling-stop mission is this phrase: “at a time when no one is inclined to do so, or to have much patience with those who so urge it.” Yep, we have gotten to know the Not Much Patience crowd very well these past few months. Principles may be a matter of convenience to them, but not to us. And not to you. Which makes you understand all the more the critical importance of NR. Which in turn makes you understand all the more . . . why you should contribute to our Spring Webathon. Which you can easily do right here.

Others have, and some have even left comments along with their generosity. Interested in hearing a few of those? Good!

Joseph pulled $25 bucks out of the piggybank and got his guilt on: “I know it’s not much, but I can’t just sit here and do nothing while every conservative principle in which I believe is being cast onto the pyre by those who purport to be conservatives themselves. Thanks for holding fast in troubling times when so many others have fallen away.” Thanks, and don’t worry, Joe — in the end the purporters will flop.

Arthur sends a C-note and this heartening haiku-ish comment: “Been a reader since I’m 16, now 65 Keep athwart!!!” Arthur, thanks, and next time toss in one more exclamation point!

Michael drops $25 on us and this thought, one of my favorite ever: “You guys really are the metaphorical soldiers at The Alamo, and now you’ve discovered almost half of your own troops have been eating psilocybin mushrooms for the past year. God bless you, and here’s my modicum of support.” Funny, but a bit true, too. Well, thanks Michael for the modicum.

And finally, Bruce contributes a generous $100, and then things quickly go to the dogs: “I ended my freeloading days and began supporting NRO after the stand you took against Trump. The Goldberg File and Morning Jolt and the wit with which they are written are staples of my life. I will admit that I always had one reservation about NRO due to Jonah. He wrote my all-time favorite article about dogs in which he admitted that he had written the article because his editor was a monster who said ‘he hated dogs.’ This severely shook my faith but I have come to believe that it was not an NRO editor. Jonah, tell me it’s not so, even if you have to lie.” Bruce you should see what we do for a Klondike Bar, never mind a hundred bucks. But we’ll leave the lying to others.

Make like you’re voting in Chicago: Give early and often. Make your NR contribution here. Many thanks.


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