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Star Wars

From a reader:


I can’t believe you bought John’s explanation for the great early Revenge of the Sith reviews (currently at 92% on the Tomatometer)! Were you guys around in 1999 and 2002 when most of the mainstream critics panned the first two prequels?! In fact, most of these reviews explicitly state that the film “makes up for” or “makes you forget” the first two prequels!

Also, at least in this case, the critics aren’t going along for the ride so as to avoid being trampled by masses of moviegoers. If anything, this film is primed to make less money than the other two thanks to a PG-13 rating and a feeling among many that they were burned by the first two.

I’m not saying that a warm response from the first 25 critics to see the thing means it will assume a position in the pantheon of classic American cinema, but it’s a more positive sign than you or John allow yourselves to admit. I’m sorry he didn’t like the film.


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