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Starbucks CEO Asks Customers to Leave Guns Outside

Starbucks Coffee Company CEO Howard Schultz is “respectfully requesting” that patrons not bring their guns into any of the company’s 7,000 locations. Schultz made it clear that he is not implementing a ban on firearms because he hoped to give “responsible gun owners the chance to respect our request.”

Schultz also acknowledged that enforcing a ban would potentially risk customers’ safety if there were ever an armed confrontation at a store.

Starbucks had previously deferred to local gun laws to determine whether or not customers could bring their weapons inside stores, and there had been several Starbucks Appreciation Day events by gun-rights enthusiasts across the country in commendation of this policy. Schultz tried to distance the company from the Starbucks Appreciation Days because the events “disingenuously portray Starbucks as a champion of ‘open carry.’”


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