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In today’s Impromptus, I’m back on the “holiday” business, which is usually a concern for Christmastime. As I explain in my column, people write me, every year, to report that an usher in church said to them, “Happy Holidays!” They sometimes respond, “We’re in church — it’s actually okay to say ‘Merry Christmas.’” Well, last Sunday, a warm, smiley usher greeted me with, “Happy Holiday!” Ay, caramba, as Bart Simpson would say.

Anyway, lotsa mail, of which a sample is this:

Hi Jay,

At my church, I greeted people with “Happy Easter!” and some pointedly responded, “Happy Resurrection Day!” Some in the church don’t like the word “Easter” because its historical precedent is the word “Ishtar,” which was the name of an ancient pagan celebration. [Ay, caramba, again. Besides, I thought “Ishtar” was the name of a bad movie.] Me, I’m just happy the people are attending church.

That’s the spirit.


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